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Choosing Wisely Talks | Time to Talk. Encouraging Serious Illness Conversations


MARCH 10 | 12 PM ET

Many Canadians prefer to avoid invasive or overly aggressive life-sustaining measures, particularly at the end of life. But too often, these tests or treatments occur because a patient’s wishes were not known. Why does this gap exist? And how can clinicians and patients ensure these wishes are communicated?

Choosing Wisely Talks on March 10 at 12 p.m. ET will explore the barriers to having conversations about goals and wishes. Gain insights and perspectives on how clinicians and patients can engage in earlier and better conversations about future care.

The webinar will feature new tools and resources that can get these important conversations started.

  • Dr. Benjamin Leis, Cardiologist, University of Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Amit Arya, Joint Faculty at McMaster and University of Toronto Palliative Care Divisions
  • Cindy Dumba, Patient and Public Advisor, Choosing Wisely Canada
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