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The Mainpro+® end of cycle was on June 30th


Didn’t meet your requirements and are now in a remedial cycle?

Not to worry—there is the early completion option!

As soon as you complete your requirements for the option, your remedial cycle will be marked as complete and you will be put back into a regular, five-year cycle immediately!

Here is what you need to do to qualify for early completion:

  • Earn and report 100 credits total starting from July 1, 2021, and onward.
  • At least 50 of these credits must be certified

Image of Mainpro+ interface previewVisit our eligible activities lists with certified and non-certified activities by category.

Are you in need of additional certified credits? Try one or more of our Linking Learning forms that you will see on the left side of your dashboard under “Resources.” They are self-reflective exercises eligible for five (5) certified credits each and you can fill out as many as you like!

Book a live consultation on Zoom with a Mainpro+ expert if you require any assistance with your credit reporting. The Mainpro+ team is here to help!

Contact us now to book a one-on-one appointment at 1-800-387-6197 ext. 560 or email us at [email protected].

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