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FMF LOVED: FMF Live On-demand Virtual EDucation


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FMF LOVED—there’s no better way to catch up on the most watched sessions from FMF 2020 and earn CPD credits than from the comfort of wherever you are. Visit the website and register today.

As a thank you to family physicians, register for one paid session and receive all of our wellness sessions plus the CFPC’s Professional Learning Plan for free.
Here are some of the complimentary sessions for all FMF LOVED participants:
  • Physician Wellness for Family Physicians: Evidence-based strategies – Review the scope of physician burnout and explore evidence-based strategies to improve personal well-being that are relevant to family physicians. Presented by Dr. Serena Siow. 
  • What’s Up, Doc? Systemic denial of family doctor burnout – Gain an understanding of why current programs and approaches are failing our profession and what resources can be accessed to retain health and well-being, restore passion for our chosen profession, and stand up for what we value most in our work. Presented by Dr. Maria Patriquin. 
  • B and S of Medicine: Physician burnout, stress, and suicidality – Examine the factors that contribute to physicians' psychological and emotional decline. Learn how to help navigate present-day medical practice. Presented by Dr. Ann Loewen. 
  • The CFPC’s Professional Learning Plan (PLP): A practical demonstration – Learn the benefits of using plans, how to effectively navigate the online tool, and how to implement a plan into your CPD activity. Presented by: Dr. Janice Harvey and Ms. Zareen Warsi.
Watch from the comfort of your home or office or even on the go. FMF LOVED—there’s no better way. Register at

Upon registration you will receive instant admission to each selected session, and you will have access to all the sessions you purchase until August 31, 2021. Once you have competed a session, fill out the quick mandatory survey to earn credits. All credits earned through the FMF LOVED program will automatically be uploaded to your Mainpro+ Holding Area in September 2021.

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