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The need for family medicine and primary care research

Primary care is the cornerstone of the health care system in Canada and family physicians make a significant contribution to it. Research is an element of practice as outlined in the CFPC’s Professional Profile. It creates the evidence that forms the foundation of our discipline, guides care, and informs health services planning and education. The ability to identify, study, and cite our own evidence is essential to reaffirm the value and impact of primary care, including family medicine, on Canadians’ health and the Canadian health care system. Explore our resources and connect with our community of researchers.

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Family Physicians’ Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In late April the CFPC sent members a survey to gauge the impact COVID-19 is having on family doctors and their practices. The results are now in, and we’ve heard that family practices are experiencing major changes and family doctors are responding to their patients’ needs in a number of ways. A summary report of the findings is now available. In response to these findings, the CFPC issued an information release to the media and the public.

Creating a Stronger Base for Health Care Innovation
The College of Family Physicians of Canada continues to promote the critical importance of research in primary care. Read about our current advocacy efforts related to Canadian Institutes of Health Research funding and the need to enhance support for primary, home, and community health care research to improve the health of everyone in Canada.

Proposal for a CIHR institute of integrated primary, home, and community health care
Despite the critical importance of primary, home, and community care to the health of everyone in Canada, less than 3 per cent of Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funding goes to primary care. In addition, most of this is time-limited strategic funding that will end soon.

The creation of an integrated primary, home, and community health care institute as part of the CIHR would position Canada as a leader in these research areas. It would also strengthen the capacity of these sectors to respond to future and emerging health care needs and challenges.

Please read and share the proposal provided here.

The CFPC's Position Statement: Supporting access to data in electronic medical records for quality improvement and research

The Section of Researchers’ (SOR’s) Blueprint for Family Medicine Research Success 2.0 (2018-2023)

Section of Researchers

The Section of Researchers (SOR) is the section of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) that represents members who have an interest in primary care research in Canada. Members include family physicians, residents, medical students, and researchers from different professions and background, includes early-, mid-, and senior-career researchers.

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The CFPC seeks to build research-readiness and quality improvement (QI) initiatives in family medicine


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