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Family Medicine Examination Update: 2021 SAMP exam (September 29, 2021)

Coming soon: A timely e-course on managing viral infections during the pandemic

Colourful silhouettes of Virus Cells
A new Choosing Wisely Canada e-course is coming this fall to help family doctors educate patients about what’s appropriate and inappropriate for managing a viral infection during the fall and winter in the time of COVID-19. The e-course covers both virtual and in-person care delivery and will be available through CFPCLearn. Watch the CFPC Info Digest and the CFP for more details to be provided soon.

Using Antibiotics Wisely

The Cold Standard 2.0 – A Toolkit for Using Antibiotics Wisely for the Management of Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care.

Using Antibiotics Wisely in Long Term Care poster and practice statements aim to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use for asymptomatic bacteriuria in LTC.

In response to members’ feedback, selected Using Antibiotics Wisely patient resources are now available in Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Select a link below to download a PDF resource.

Antibiotics: Sorry

Antibiotics: Three questions to ask your health care provider

Antibiotics: Delayed prescription

The translation of selected Using Antibiotics Wisely patient resources into languages other than English and French represents a pilot initiative of the CFPC. The CFPC has attempted to ensure the original materials in English have been translated accurately; in the event that there is any inconsistency between the English and other translated versions, the English version shall prevail.

You can also integrate the Viral Prescription Pad and Delayed Prescription Pad in your existing EMR. The e-forms and accompanying instructions were co-developed by OntarioMD and Choosing Wisely Canada in collaboration. For any questions related to these materials, please contact [email protected].

Time to Talk: Encouraging serious illness conversations

Banner graphic for text Time to Talk: Encouraging serious illness conversations.
Choosing Wisely Canada is proud to partner with over 30 national clinician societies on a recommendation to encourage serious illness conversations. The recommendation, released on March 10, 2021, underscores the importance of earlier and better conversations about values, goals, and wishes to ensure patients receive the care they want, feel less distress, and avoid tests or treatments that are potentially harmful.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada supports the following recommendation and encourages our members to have these important conversations:

Don’t offer tests or treatments without establishing your patient’s prognosis, preferences, and goals of care. Potentially harmful or overly aggressive tests or treatments can be avoided by having discussions about goals and wishes, and documenting this information.

Early conversations about disease understanding, wishes and goals with patients who have serious or progressive chronic illness can avoid potentially harmful tests or treatments. Ensuring patients discuss and document wishes and goals, as well as identify a substitute decision maker can support evidenceinformed and patient centred care.

How you can get these conversations started:

Choosing Wisely Canada has developed tools and resources to help get these conversations started. You
can download below: Interested in presenting on serious illness conversations? Download the Time to Talk presentation template: To learn more about these efforts, visit Choosing Wisely Canada’s website:

Opioid Wisely

For additional information please visit our project website.

Do More Screening Tests Lead to Better Health?

Whiteboard video

This 10-minute educational video focuses on a number of common screening tests (vitamin D malabsorption, mammography, thyroid testing, etc.) to help inform dialogue between family physicians and their patients on appropriate testing.


Please contact Lily Oeur, Manager, Practice Support Programs at [email protected].

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