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To ensure the health and safety of our candidates, examiners, examination staff, and volunteers, the oral components of this year’s Certification Examination in Family Medicine and the Examination of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine have been cancelled.

For those who are taking the exams for the first time this year, candidates will be awarded Certification in the College of Family Physicians of Canada or Certificates of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine upon achieving passing scores based solely on the written (short-answer management problem) components of their respective examinations.

The written component of the 2020 Certification Examination in Family Medicine will be held on October 13, 14, 15, and 16, 2020.

The CFPC recognizes that Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic is currently having a variable effect across the county that can add to the concern of those sitting the upcoming October 2020 family medicine certification examination. The following information about the status of Prometric test center sites is offered to help you track your site, should you wish to do so. Prometric will be notifying any exam taker whose test center has a status changes due to pandemic related restrictions.

For the October 13-16 certification in family medicine exams, should a Prometric test-centre site close unexpectedly for public health reasons, Prometric will reach out to affected candidates. They will be offered to take the exam via remote proctoring. If a test-centre site closes, it is unlikely there will be any physical seats open nearby during the exam period since public health directives are community-wide.

If a candidate decides not to accept remote proctoring, they will have to wait till after Oct 16th in order for us to determine next steps. This will include the option of being scheduled at the next exam administration or an examination fee refund. We cannot comment on what might be, or if there will be, other possible options for such potentially affected candidates at this time.

For up to date information on Prometric test center status, please refer to the following links

Site Closures List: provides a list of all closed test centers, including last-minute closures (closing early or entirely) due to unforeseen events. We follow our normal displacement process for any impacted candidates.

Site Status List: reflects the operational standing of each test center following COVID-related closures. This list is updated as needed to reflect any changes in status, including program eligibility and occupancy status.

The following links offer additional information:


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