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Written examination

There are opportunities to mark short-answer management problems (SAMPs), within two weeks after the examination. The time commitment required is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Marking usually requires two days for the spring examination and one day for the fall examination. Markers must be comfortable using computers.

Simulated Office Oral Examination (SOOs)

Volunteers are needed at the spring and fall examinations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Mandatory training occurs all day on Friday and includes calibration training and practice simulations. The SOOs take place on Saturday and Sunday with the time commitment varying depending on the number of candidates. The time commitment will be communicated in a confirmation letter.
  • SOO examiners will role-play the patient and score the candidate according to a standardized marking scheme. Each simulation is constructed so that only an interview is necessary to define and manage the problem; a physical examination is not required.
  • SOO lead and assistant SOO lead are responsible for training the examiners, standardizing marking, and supervising and validating examiner performance throughout the examination days.
  • For more information, please view this helpful webinar on the SOO examiner role.

Examiner training video production (prior to examination dates)

During pre-examiner training, videos are used to demonstrate the case and marking scheme. Volunteers are needed to act as the candidates in order to create two recorded re-enactments of each SOO case. Recording occurs virtually on a flexible schedule. The time commitment for the recording is approximately two hours.

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