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The Self Learning™ Program is a state-of-the-art learning tool developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) as part of its continuing professional development (CPD) programs and services. The Self Learning Program provides access to leading-edge information curated from more than 100 peer-reviewed medical journals worldwide.

Each issue contains multiple choice and true/false questions, as well as short answer management problems (SAMPs) that explore clinical scenarios in greater depth. Each question is followed by an educational summary of the cited article.

The Self Learning Program is created by family physicians for family physicians. All questions are produced by Canadian family physicians and reviewed by the CFPC Self LearningTM Committee.

Available in PDF, print, and interactive online formats, the Self Learning Program helps members stay current with the latest medical literature any time, anywhere.

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CFPC members and those registered with the College as Non-Member Mainpro+® Participants (NMMP) can earn up to 30 certified credits per year through the Self Learning Program.

Self Learning Program subscribers must complete an online impact assessment for each completed issue. The impact assessment is available on the Mainpro+ website.

There is a one-year deadline to claim credits for participation in the Self Learning Program. Members must submit impact assessments to the CFPC within one year of the issue’s publication date to validate five certified Self-Learning credits.

For more details, review Entering Self Learning Impact Assessments.

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