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Dr. Francine Lemire
Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nancy Fowler
Executive Director, Academic Family Medicine

Theresa Maguire-Garber
Executive Director, Corporate Services and Chief Privacy Officer

Claudia Zuccato Ria
Executive Director, Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine

Mark Banbury
Executive Director, Information and Technology Services

Eric J. Mang
Executive Director, Member and External Relations

Dr. Jeff Sisler
Executive Director, Professional Development and Practice Support

Dr. Richard Almond
Director, Accreditation Unit

Dr. David Ponka
Director, The Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine

Nancy Abela
Director, Business Solutions

Dr. Brent Kvern
Director, Certification, Assessment and Examinations

Dr. Roy Wyman
Director, Certificates of Added Competence

Jayne Johnston
Director, Communications

Jennifer Campbell
Director, Conferences and Events

Amy Outschoorn
Director, Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Ivy Oandasan
Director, Education

Sandeep Kumar
Director, Finance and Asset Management

Sarah Scott
Director, Governance and Strategic Planning

Artem Safarov
Director, Health Policy and Government Relations

Mia Manson
Director, Human Resources

Ron Adkison
Director, IT Security, Infrastructure and User Support

Carol Costa
Director, Marketing and Membership Services

Dr. Mike Allan
Director, Programs and Practice Support

Dr. Victor Ng
Associate Director, Programs and Practice Support

Steve Slade
Director, Research

Dr. Allan Grill
Physician Advisor, Member Interest Groups Section (MIGS)

Dr. Janice Harvey
Physician Advisor, Continuing Professional Development

Peter Thomlison
Publisher, Canadian Family Physician


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