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Helen CuddihyHelen Cuddihy, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRACGP
Edmonton, Alberta
Nominee for 2022–2025 Director-at-Large

Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Board of Directors would like to put forward Dr. Helen Cuddihy of Edmonton, Alberta, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on her:
  • Experience in leadership and governance
  • Experience in full scope comprehensive team-based family practice with academic experience
  • Urban practice for a minority and underserved Francophone community
  • Practice experience in five provinces: Grew up in Quebec and Prince Edward Island and trained in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island
  • Engagement with the CFPC and Alberta College of Family Physicians
  • Engagement as a CFPC reviewer for Certificates of Added Competence (CACs)
  • Relevant work - Senior Medical Advisor, Physician Health Monitoring, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
Dr. Cuddihy also meets  two recruitment priorities:
  • francophone
  • Community-based practice with major involvement in clinical care and is a preceptor.             
Nominee Q&A

How will you resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice?
“I am entering my 25th year of practice as a bilingual francophone family physician. I have worked in a variety of settings and multiple provinces. I have an expertise in administration, governance, academic, research, and human resources. I am hard working and a keen learner. It would be an honour to serve on the Board to continue the amazing work and initiatives as well as help with the current changes and challenges that family physicians are facing.”

What will you bring to the CFPC Board of Directors?
“Diversity, experience, ideas and collaboration.”

Watch the video introduction

Please read Dr. Cuddihy’s introduction.

Please see Dr. Cuddihy’s CV.

Conflict of interest:
Dr. Cuddihy’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“I do not have any current conflict of interest with this potential position. If one would arise and this has happened in other roles, positions or when serving on local committees, I have always disclosed clearly and recused myself when needed from the discussion or decision making.”
Helen Cuddihy

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