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Avik NathAvik Nath, MD, CCFP(EM), MPH, FCFP
Ottawa, Ontario
Nominee for 2022–2025 Director-at-Large

Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Board of Directors would like to put forward Dr. Avik Nath of Ottawa, Ontario, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on his:
  • Perspective as a Certificate of Added Competence (CAC) holder in Emergency Medicine and as Chair of the Emergency Medicine Program Directors
  • Awareness of the current work on the Outcomes of Training Project and focus on education, as well as knowledge of the Patient’s Medical Home vision
  • Thoughtful reflection about many aspects of family medicine and the CFPC
  • Strong ethical reasoning skills and respectful approach to teamwork
  • Leadership experience including governance and financial acumen
Dr. Nath also meets two recruitment priorities:
  • Self-identifies as a member of a racialized community (born in Africa);
  • CAC holder with a focused practice             

Nominee Q&A

How will you resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice?
“As a visible minority and mid-career practicing physician, I have the necessary clinical experience to relate to real-world issues facing members. I work within a multi-disciplinary team and experience the same pressures our colleagues do. I have contact with leaders across the country in my role as National Residency Director Chair that allows a broad understanding of issues.”

What will you bring to the CFPC Board of Directors?
“I hope to bring passion, advocacy, and a different perspective as a CAC holder with focused practice. I also hope to contribute substantively to the CFPC's focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion principles as a visible minority. I hope to bring a representative and national view to discussions, but also support the vision of the CFPC and be an ambassador for the College.”

Watch the video introduction

Please read Dr. Nath’s introduction.  

Please see Dr. Nath’s CV.

Conflict of interest:
Dr. Nath’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“I have no conflicts of interest to declare.”
Avik Nath

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