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Alykhan AbdullaAlykhan Abdulla
Manotick, Ontario
Nominee for 2022–2025 Director-at-Large

Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Board of Directors would like to put forward Dr. Alykhan Abdulla of Manotick, Ontario, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on his inclusion on the ballot in 2021 and eagerness to try again.

Other reasons include:
  • Member of multiple boards and committees and having leadership experiences including as past Chair of the Section on General and Family Practice, Ontario Medical Association (2020–2021)
  • Financial literacy skills and experience running multiple businesses
  • Experience with a multidisciplinary group providing community-based care with house calls to a diverse population and focusing on a specific domain of care including providing consults as community need arises
  • Systems thinker
  • Teacher and mentor
  • Medical writer and engaged on social media
Dr. Abdulla also meets two recruitment priorities:
  • Self-identifies as a member of a racialized community (born in Africa)
  • Community-based with major involvement in clinical care and a preceptor             
Nominee Q&A

How will you resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice?
“I have a strong ongoing relationship with my mentees at all levels of medical training from pre-medicine/undergraduate, in medical school, early in practice and more experienced. They can be found in almost every province.”

What will you bring to the CFPC Board of Directors?
“I have worked in medical politics for over 10 years and have strong connections to leaders at all levels throughout Canada. I am a good listener and a true friend.
I bring authenticity; experience and education; forward-thinking leadership.”

Watch the video introduction

Please read Dr. Abdulla’s introduction.  

Please see Dr. Abdulla’s CV.

Conflict of interest:
Dr. Abdulla’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“Ontario Medical Association/Section on General and Family Practice (OMA/SGFP), past chair, May 2021 to May 2022: I will declare this when appropriate.
Ontario Medical Foundation 2022-2024: I will declare this when appropriate.
Ontario General Assembly Steering Committee 2021-2023: I will declare this when appropriate.”
Alykhan Abdulla

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