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Michael Green, MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP, FCAHS
Kingston, Ontario
Current Secretary-Treasurer
Nominee for 2022–2023 Director holding the office of President-Elect

Dr. Michael Green was appointed by the Board in June 2021 to fill the unexpired term of a Director-at-Large who resigned due to personal reasons. In November 2021 CFPC members elected Dr. Green as a Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer.
The Board has benefited greatly from Dr. Green’s involvement and contributions:
  • Broad clinical experience (which includes being an ally to Indigenous peoples and a proponent of Indigenous health, working in public health, and practising in different provinces and in resource-constrained environments)
  • Strong knowledge of the CFPC; appreciation for the alignment of medical education, clinical practice models, finances, health human resources, patient access to timely high quality care, and government issues
  • Experience serving on professional and government expert committees and boards at the local, provincial, and national levels
  • Collaborative nature, recognized by front-line family physicians, academics, primary care researchers, and administrators
  • Systems-level involvement, knowledge of health policy, and management including as Head of the Department of Family Medicine at Queen’s University
  • Financial acumen and strategic planning experience including accountability for approximately $20 million in annual budgets in their role as Department Head
  • Extensive research career covering a broad range of health services and policy research areas with an emphasis on primary care, quality of care, equity in health, Indigenous health, and has access to and can present data in a compelling manner about the role of family physicians; seasoned presenter at national and international primary care and health policy related conferences; collaborator with colleagues across the country and internationally including in the North as well as in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand
Dr. Green is an engaged Board Director—responsive, knowledgeable, passionate, and respectful. Their nomination reflects the CFPC’s commitment to our core business of setting educational standards and supporting members across the continuum of education and practice needs, and better understanding the potential and limitations of big primary care data. It also reflects CFPC’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Read more about Dr. Michael Green.
Carrie Bernard, MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP
Brampton, Ontario
Current Director-at-Large
Nominee for 2022–2023 Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Carrie Bernard was elected in 2018 for a three-year Director-at-Large term. Dr. Bernard was re-elected by CFPC members in 2021 for a second three-year Director-at-Large term.

Dr. Bernard has a number of skills and experiences that address priorities for our skills-based Board, including practising comprehensive family medicine, teaching, patient and health care advocacy, systems thinking, risk management, ethics, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning.

With a genuine passion for the CFPC’s work, Dr. Bernard is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members, thereby serving all patients in Canada. They have shown commitment to their role on the Board and working to understand all our areas of activity. Their interest in governance and attention to detail are helpful to the collective Board. They contribute thoughtfully and meaningfully and often provide different and important perspectives based on their experience with academic initiatives, curriculum and remediation initiatives, activities abroad, and the provision of comprehensive care. They have passionately undertaken a commitment to equity and diversity on the Board by encouraging diversity in leadership through outreach activities and by ensuring that issues of equity and diversity are regularly considered by the board. Their commitment to social justice and the ethics expertise they bring to all discussions is highly valued. Read more about Dr. Bernard.
Calgary, Alberta
Current Director-at-Large
Nominee for second term - 2022–2025 Director

Dr. Yan Yu was elected by CFPC members in 2019 for a three-year Director-at-Large term. They are completing their term.

Dr. Yu brings energy, curiosity, and genuine passion for the CFPC and serving its members and therefore the patients of Canada. They contribute important perspectives including but not limited to newer family physicians, locum work, juggling a new family and practice, being engaged on social media, being a visible minority, and having a strong financial acumen. They contribute thoughtfully and meaningfully and often provide different and important perspectives for the Board to consider. They are committed to anti-racism and anti-oppression which is highly relevant and valued. Dr. Yu provides continuity to the Board in a year that there are two vacancies for Directors-at-Large. Read more about Dr. Yu.

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