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As a CFPC member, you are invited to vote in the 2020 election of your Board Directors. This year you will vote for one new Director-at-Large from among four nominees. You will also be asked to confirm the President-Elect nominee, the Secretary-Treasurer nominee, and an additional term for one current Director-at-Large. Electronic voting for 2020 opens October 14th and closes October 28th.

Your Board of Directors, Nominating Committee, and Governance Advisory Committee work hard on your behalf to ensure the CFPC is well governed. They take seriously the responsibility of monitoring how the Board is functioning, complying with regulations, and listening to CFPC members. They use a competency matrix and recognize the importance of balancing continuity and renewal.

Fifteen applicants responded to the 2020 call for one Director-at-Large vacancy. The priority recruitment attributes were highlighted in the call. After a thorough review of the applications and interviews of seven applicants, the Nominating Committee unanimously recommended and the Board unanimously approved the following:

  1. The immediate appointment of Dr. Sarah Funnell of Ottawa, Ontario, as an additional (12th) Board Director. Dr. Funnell’s appointment was based on her perspective as an individual who self-identifies as First Nations, provides care to the Akwesasne First Nation, and is engaged in leadership positions in national organizations and academic institutions; it was also based on the CFPC’s commitment to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion among its leadership and to do our part to address the relevant recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Her appointment was effective August 15, 2020, and she will serve on the Board until the time of the November 5, 2020, Annual Meeting of Members (AMM), when the Board will share a recommendation with CFPC members to approve this additional director position for a three-year term from November 5, 2020, until the time of the AMM in November 2023.

  2. The nomination of four individuals for one Director-at-Large vacancy in the 2020 election. These individuals have been nominated based on their alignment with the competency matrix and priority attributes and their potential to make positive contributions to the governance of the CFPC.

Based on members’ feedback, the election can include the opportunity to propose one or more nominee(s) per vacancy and it continues to be held electronically so everyone can participate. Also, the election process continues to permit members to review the nominations and, if dissatisfied, nominate someone else within the specified timeline.

In addition to the published information, the four new nominees each have a two-minute self-introduction video.

Two video conferences are scheduled to allow you to pose questions to all nominees and to Dr. Funnell.

Sign up to join a video conference.

Video conference dates:
October 6th, 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (ET)
October 7th, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. (ET)

Electronic voting is open from October 14th to October 28th. Your personalized link to vote will be emailed to you on October 14th.

The results and your 2020–2021 Board of Directors will be announced at the virtual Annual Meeting of Members on November 5, 2020, as part of Family Medicine Forum.

Introducing the Board nominees for 2020–2021

The following are the nominees for the one vacant Director-at-Large position (three-year term from November 5, 2020, to the time of the Annual Meeting of Members [AMM] in 2023), listed in alphabetical order. The individual receiving the most votes will be elected. Click on each name for more information:
The nominee for one Director-at-Large position comes from a current Director-at-Large:
The nominees for the Officer and Director positions (one-year terms from November 5, 2020, to November 11, 2021) are as follows. Please click on each name for more information:
The remaining Officer and Director positions are acclaimed (for one-year terms from November 5, 2020, to November 11, 2021). Please click on each name for more information:
The following Board Directors will continue their terms. Please click on each name for more information:

Brady Bouchard, MBBS, CCFP
Battleford, Saskatchewan
Current Secretary-Treasurer
Nominee for 2020–2021 Director holding the office of President-Elect

Dr. Brady Bouchard was elected in 2017 for a three-year Director-at-Large term. In 2019 he was elected for a one-year Secretary-Treasurer term. The Board and Nominating Committee felt that Dr. Bouchard was ready to assume an Officer role for the following reasons. He has demonstrated exceptional personal leadership qualities; he is relatable to our members, with an emphasis on our future, youth, and the impact and evolution of technology; and he is knowledgeable about the CFPC and family medicine.

Dr. Bouchard is a very engaged Board Director—responsive, knowledgeable, and respectful. Read more about Dr. Bouchard.

Christie Newton, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Port Moody, British Columbia
Current Director-at-Large
Nominee for 2020–2021 Director holding the office of Secretary-Treasurer

Dr. Christie Newton was appointed by the Board in February 2018 to fill the unexpired term of a Director-at-Large who resigned due to unanticipated personal reasons. In 2019 she was elected by CFPC members to serve a three-year Director-at-Large term. The Board has benefited greatly from the continuity, wise counsel, and knowledge offered by Dr. Newton. She was able to contribute to Board deliberations immediately due to her past and current participation with the CFPC, including in the areas of academic family medicine, continuing professional development, and Chapter involvement (having served as a past president of the British Columbia Chapter and Chair of the Chapter Presidents group from 2015 to 2017).

Dr. Newton is a very engaged Board Director—responsive, knowledgeable, and respectful. She is passionate about family medicine and is an inspirational female leader in family medicine. Her nomination reflects the CFPC’s commitment to our core business of setting educational standards and supporting members across the continuum of education and practice needs. Read more about Dr. Newton.

Jean-Pierre Arseneau, MD, CCFP
Bathurst, New Brunswick
Current Director-at-Large
Nominee for 2020–2023 Director

Dr. Jean-Pierre Arseneau was appointed to a Director-at-Large position by the Board for July 2018 to November 2020 to fill the unexpired term of a Director-at-Large who resigned.

Dr. Arseneau has a number of skills that address the priorities of our skills-based Board, including a strong financial acumen, risk management, and systems thinking, as well as knowledge of the CFPC and our Chapter structure given that he served as president of the New Brunswick Chapter and as a Director on the CFPC’s Board of 40 Directors. He covers a number of perspectives and demographics that are also priorities for the Board: He is a francophone; he is from New Brunswick; he practises in a fee-for-service, community-based environment and offers comprehensive care; and he has experience working in urban and rural settings. Dr. Arseneau is a high-energy individual and a disruptive innovator who challenges ideas (an attribute that contributed to his appointment to the Board). He is passionate about the CFPC’s work and serving its members, and thus serving all patients in Canada; he is also an early adopter of the Patient’s Medical Home vision and an entrepreneur with important practice (and business) experiences and perspectives. Social justice issues are also important to Dr. Arseneau. Read more about Dr. Arseneau.

Below is information about the four nominees for one Director-at-Large position, presented in alphabetical order. Members will vote for one of these individuals. The individual with the most votes will be elected.


Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Nominee for 2020–2023 Director

Peter Hutten-Czapski, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Haileybury, Ontario
Nominee for 2020–2023 Director

Trina Stewart, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Summerside, Prince Edward Island
Nominee for 2020–2023 Director

Charles Wong MD, CCFP (EM)
Calgary, Alberta
Nominee for 2020–2023 Director

Sarah Cook

Dr. Sarah Cook
Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Nominating Committee and Board are putting forward Dr. Sarah Cook of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on her:
  • Community-based perspective and rural and remote experience from living and practising in the Northwest Territories
  • Experience caring for Indigenous and immigrant populations
  • Extensive leadership experience including planning, operating, and evaluating the delivery of high-quality health care services as Territorial Medical Director of the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, the most senior physician in an executive role in her territory, for the past five years
  • Involvement with the CFPC, particularly on practice-based initiatives as a member of the CFPC’s Advisory Committee on Family Practice and the Patient’s Medical Home Steering Committee, and her involvement when the CFPC and members in the Territories explored the potential for establishing a Chapter in the Territories
  • Involvement in advocacy and specifically the promotion of primary care and family medicine through her work with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA)’s GP Forum between 2012 and 2015 and as the Northwest Territories delegate at the CMA General Council Meeting in 2012, 2014, and 2015
  • Drive to change the Northwest Territories’ primary health care system to become more culturally safe and relationship-based to achieve the quadruple aim
  • Political acumen and experience with engaging various stakeholder groups
  • Interest in learning from local, regional, national, and international models of care
  • Formal leadership training in strategic planning, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, and communications
  • Experience liaising and communicating with government and with Indigenous communities
  • Perspective as a mother in leadership roles and as a provider of broad clinical care for 12 years
Dr. Cook’s responses to:
  • How she will resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice
  • What she will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors

“I am a practicing physician, mother of three and female executive leader in the Northwest Territories who grew up in rural Nova Scotia and trained in urban Ontario. While practicing, it became apparent that primary care was fractured, particularly in our small communities. I therefore made it a priority in successive leadership roles (now as Territorial Medical Director in the NWT), to explore culturally-safe patient-partnered solutions (i.e. finding solutions to bring 'care closer to home'). I continue to work with and support all physicians in the NWT (from comprehensive FPs to enhanced skills FPs to specialists) to find solutions that best suit their unique needs.

Family physicians form the foundation of healthcare in Canada, especially in the North. Family medicine requires ongoing advocacy and I plan to bring to the Board my passion for relationship-based primary care and my experience in developing innovative models to achieve it. As a physician and healthcare leader in Canada’s North, I have been fortunate to liaise with Indigenous communities to explore and define what it means to deliver culturally safe care, based on a foundation of relationship and trust. These lessons should be heard nationally to inform how we deliver primary care and I look forward to the opportunity to share these.”
—Sarah Cook

  • Dr. Cook’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“As an executive team member of our territorial health authority, a conflict could arise regarding any matter directly pertaining to the Government of the Northwest Territories or the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority. I expect that this circumstance would be rare and could be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.”
—Sarah Cook

Peter Hutten-Czapski

Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski

Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Nominating Committee and Board are putting forward Dr. Peter Hutten-Czapski of Haileybury, Ontario, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on his:

  • Board and governance expertise, including:
    • Ontario College of Family Physicians Board Member
    • Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC) past president (2002–2004) and long-time Ontario regional chair
    • Ontario Medical Association Section of Rural Practice Chair
    • Northern Ontario School of Medicine Board Member
    • OSCAR Canada Users Society President
    • Temiskaming Hospital past chief of staff and president
    • Family Health Team lead
  • Financial literacy
  • Knowledge and first-hand experience in rural and remote private practice; clinical teaching in the context of a busy, solo, rural general practice with experience in family medicine, maternity care, in-patient care, intensive care unit work, nursing home geriatrics, and outpatient procedures
  • Knowledge, research-base, and communications skills as Scientific Editor of the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine and as a peer reviewer for Canadian Family Physician and the Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Experience at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, including currently as a professor and previously as a member of the Academic Council and as program director for the Obstetrical Surgical Skills Program
  • Fluency in French
Dr. Hutten-Czapski’s responses to:
  • How he will resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice
  • What he will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors

“I am a fervent believer in family medicine, both in the diverse individual exemplars and the Patient’s Medical Home, but also collectively as a fulfillment of societal needs. Core values of fairness and community needs, joined with an interest in health policy and governance, a perspective from both academic and rural aspects of family medicine, and a willingness to engage, will help me advance the interests of Canadian Family Medicine and the CFPC.”
—Peter Hutten-Czapski

  • Dr. Hutten-Czapski’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

—Peter Hutten-Czapski

Trina Stewart

Dr. Trina Stewart
Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Nominating Committee and Board are putting forward Dr. Trina Stewart of Summerside, Prince Edward Island, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on her:

  • Practice model: community based, fee-for-service physician with hospital privileges doing cradle-to-grave care for 20 years; practising solo but sharing office space with two other physicians; assisting colleagues with dermatology consults one day a week through additional training in dermatology; entrepreneurship, having started a private medical aesthetic business in 2005 and managing it along with her community family medicine practice; experience in managing a staff of six and working solo with a medical office assistant; doing regular OR assisting
  • Board experience, including being the current President Elect of the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island, and her interest in good governance, as reflected in her professional development pathway
  • Appreciation of the importance of developing relationships with stakeholders
  • Familiarity with strategic planning, risk assessment and mitigation or management, and focus on improving efficiencies and saving dollars
  • Involvement as an examiner for the CFPC’s Certification Examination in Family Medicine, a member of the CFPC’s National Committee on Continuing Professional Development appointed by the PEI Chapter, and a past member of the CFPC’s Dermatology Committee
  • Experience of more than 10 years as curriculum coordinator for the PEI teaching site of Dalhousie University’s Department of Family Medicine, which included engagement with students and residents
  • Leadership work including the recent completion of a several-year term as family practice department head for Prince County Hospital; this role assumes Acting Medical Director responsibilities during the Medical Director’s absences
  • Focus on fostering growth and transformational change
  • Advocacy work for her patients and for health care on Prince Edward Island, where it can be challenging to practise due to a paucity of resources and where networking with colleagues is vital; this includes involvement in trying to get traction on PEI on the importance of a community electronic medical record
  • Passion for full-scope family medicine and embracing opportunities introduced by technology
Dr. Stewart’s responses to:
  • How she will resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice
  • What she will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors

“I think I will resonate with family doctors at all stages of practice as I work side by side daily with such a group. I am fortunate to have regular contact and discussions with learners at all levels. I regularly precept and teach family medicine residents. We get to know each other quite well by the end of the program. Those residents evolve into early career physicians who often come to me with practise/patient questions and it is a pleasure to mentor them. We also have a number of early career physicians in Summerside that have come from other areas and we all work quite closely together as we are a small group. We also have mid and late career physicians and I'm pleased to have a good relationship with everyone. I think I will also appeal to females and working moms as I have managed to successfully maintain my clinical and other work while raising 2 children. Other factors that may draw members to me is my experience with a special interest in dermatology practice, my teaching and curriculum experience, my leadership training and admin work, and my private business experience. I really feel it is the diversity of my work and the passion I've had for the work that will resonate with members.

I will bring a fresh perspective, passion, new ideas, old ideas and experience, and the motivation to help move the CFPC into the future. I am a kind and compassionate soul who loves what I do and the profession that I am a part of. I want to see learners matching 100% of family practice seats across the country and existing family doctors feeling balanced and fulfilled in their work. I am a hard worker and will be an active participant in board activities and will strive to do what is asked of me. I am punctual, organized, and dependable. I will do whatever I can to see our profession thrive and sustain itself, in whatever form that needs to take, because I really believe family medicine is the glue that holds our healthcare system together. Unfortunately society seemed to lose sight of that for a time. Many other components are necessary but family doctors are central to keeping patients healthy and away from overuse of other services in the healthcare system. I am ready to participate in discussions at every level whether it be undergrad and postgrad curriculum -what, how, and how long it needs to be to develop competence, restructuring of family medicine/primary care, addressing relationships with specialties, stakeholders, government etc. I am ready to go.”
—Trina Stewart

  • Dr. Stewart’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“As per my application, the plan is for me to assume the Presidency of the Medical Society of PEI in December 2020.  This is a bit later than originally planned as the pandemic necessitated moving the usual May installation of officers to December.  In the role of President, I will be the face of the organization and there is potential for conflict of interest, particularly if I must speak/vote on behalf of the Medical Society regarding an issue that may be counter to the CFPC position.  My plan is to be transparent to both bodies from the beginning so that both boards are well aware of my activities and if such an issue should arise, I will both in advance and at the time remove myself from speaking/voting. I will discuss such an issue with the CEO of MSPEI, as well as abstain from such a vote and/or request the Vice President speak on such an issue.  Likewise, I will do the same for the CFPC.  Having said that, MSPEI has just negotiated a Master Agreement that is very favourable to primary care and primary care reform with a focus on establishing balanced, team-based care in which the family doctor is critical to the team.  The importance of primary care reform and patient access is embedded in the MSPEI strategic plan.  In fact, I sit on a Primary Care Steering Committee currently (representing MSPEI) that is setting the road map for such reform.   I trust this is satisfactory and am happy to discuss it further if there are other strategies I should consider.”
—Trina Stewart

Charles Wong

Dr. Charles Wong
Following the Nominating Committee’s thorough application and interview process, the Nominating Committee and Board are putting forward Dr. Charles Wong of Calgary, Alberta, as a nominee for the available CFPC Board position based on his:

  • Certificate of Added Competence (CAC) in Emergency Medicine
  • Role as a staff emergency physician at a large, tertiary care, urban, academic emergency department
  • Role as Medical Director and Section Chief for two urban and three regional urgent care facilities integrated within Alberta Health Services; these facilities are publicly funded and non-hospital based, and they are staffed by family physicians with and without CACs in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Wong is leading an exploration of what the role of urgent care should be in the Calgary zone, including an environmental scan of other urgent care centres across Canada and engagement of stakeholders within and external to urgent care.
  • Passion to maintain the CFPC’s stake in the emergency medicine/urgent care world, which he believes is an interest shared by a substantial subset of CFPC members
  • Leadership in transitioning five urgent care centres from old electronic medical records (EMRs) and paper charts to a provincewide integrated EMR platform
  • Leadership in developing and training a physician wellness peer support team
  • Connection with emergency medicine and family medicine academically through joint academic appointments in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine at the University of Calgary as a clinical assistant professor, including serving as a preceptor for emergency medicine residents, leading examination preparation for emergency medicine residents, serving as a regular lecturer for family medicine residents, and providing supervision for graduate student research projects
  • Knowledge base as a reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine and the International Journal of Emergency Medicine and a peer reviewer for the Ultrasound Journal
  • Advanced Research Methodology Evaluation and Design training through the Society of American Emergency Medicine and involvement in research about urgent care topics, particularly pertaining to systems issues
  • Involvement in strategic planning and systems thinking
  • Perspective as an individual of Chinese-Canadian descent and an early-career physician (sixth year)
Dr. Wong’s responses to:
  • How he will resonate with members from across our country and at all stages of practice
  • What he will bring to the CFPC Board of Directors

“As a family physician practicing urgent care and emergency medicine, I have experience in teaching, administration, research, and advocacy in these areas. I believe that CFPC members require leadership to ensure our stake in acute care remains unassailable. As a CFPC Board director, I would be pleased and honored to make a contribution in this area.

The "field" of urgent care will be increasingly important as numerous provinces are expanding on this model. As a leader in this area, I think that I am in a position to advocate strongly for the importance of including urgent care in the scope of family practice.”
—Charles Wong

  • Dr. Wong’s declaration of any potential, perceived, or real conflicts of interest, if elected as a CFPC Board Director, and the proposed mitigation strategy:

“I recently stepped back from the role as lead for examination preparation for Emergency Medicine residents at the University of Calgary and can commit to not taking part again in the future if I am elected to the Board, for the duration of my service.”
—Charles Wong


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